Blind test


Légende au choix

#1 : War inside my head can you sense it
#2 : Way out in the water, see it swimmin’
#3 : With your opinion which is of no consequence at all
#4 : It says nothing to me about my life
#5 : In a bad mouth, it betrays a bad mind
#6 : On a qu’à se dire qu’on s’en fout
#7 : You can’t put your arm around a memory
#8 : It’s a harmony in my head
#9 : Wouldn’t go halfway from one to the other of his eyes
#10 : I’ve been sucking it in so long
#11 : I am so angry, I am so, at ease
#12 : Sullen load is full, so slow on the split
#13 : Here, here, everything is kept inside.
#14 : So don’t call me incomplete, you’re the freak
#15 : Stay inside our rosy-minded fuzz for days
#16 : My borderline, yeah yeah



En-tête : Mike Haddad